EP075: Discover Your Competitive Edge by Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles

Exercising the right muscles can stop urine leakage during workouts and competitions.

EP075: Discover Your Competitive Edge by Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles

Drew welcomes Dr. Monique Middlekauff to the show. Monique is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, a researcher of pelvic floor function, a Certified Higher Education Teaching Specialist and a woman who knows about incontinence. She joins Drew to discuss her findings of who is most at risk for pelvic floor dysfunction, which exercises for pelvic floor muscles can help strengthen and repair them and how using her new program can help athletes find their competitive edge.


Key Takeaways:

[9:25] Monique was drawn to speak with people in a way that connected with them.

[14:35] Muscular endurance can help gauge a person’s level of fitness.

[18:14] Monique has completed a marathon and competed in a figure competition.

[23:34] Monique describes her dissertation which focused on pelvic floor strength and support.

[32:57] Ways to improve your pelvic floor strength.

[36:16] The benefit of using biofeedback tools for quantitative results.

[40:16] Finding your edge and what sets you apart by working on your pelvic floor.

[41:16] Monique defends her findings on pelvic floor strength.

[44:31] Women should address pelvic floor dysfunction issues immediately.

[45:47] Mothers should take the time to repair and recover after vaginal childbirth.

[48:14] Monique and Natalie Hodson are forming a program for women.

[50:18] The Lightning Round.



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