EP076: Flexible Dieting Sheds the Shame

An individual’s nutritional needs are more important than a weight loss bandwagon.

EP076: Flexible Dieting Sheds the Shame

Drew welcomes Dr. Layne Norton to the podcast. Dr. Norton believes a flexible dieting system is the path to achieving long-term fitness goals. He is a bodybuilding and physique coach, an armchair Youtuber and he has earned a little thing called a Ph.D., in nutritional sciences. Dr. Norton weighs in on ketogenesis in relation to diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer and epilepsy and his new Avatar software which offers up scientifically-based guidance for those looking to be held accountable without hiring a fitness coach.    


Key Takeaways:

[7:19] Dr. Layne Norton was picked on as a kid but that wasn’t the only reason he started lifting.

[11:35] Make time for priorities in life.

[20:02] The flexible diet system allows for all foods but you must budget your intake.

[30:25] Dr. Norton shares his thoughts on popular diets. 

[34:47] Acknowledging trade-offs is the key to reaching nutritional goals.

[38:53] Dieting should be based on individual needs and not a definite right or wrong.

[45:53] A ketogenic diet is a viable treatment for sufferers of epilepsy, cancer and Alzheimer's.

[52:15] Avatar Nutrition software is for people who want science-based guidance and accountability.

[54:36] Carbon Biolayne supplements and individual coaching are how Dr. Norton offers something for everyone.



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