EP070: You Don’t Have to Suffer Through Sobriety

Natural, ketogenic alcohol options do exist.

EP070: You Don’t Have to Suffer Through Sobriety

Drinking alcohol helps to reduce mind-chatter and in proper dosages, wine can help to enhance creative development and expression. Wine even brings more love into the world says Drew’s guest, Todd White.

Todd is a biohacker and creator Dry Farm Wines. All Dry Farm Wines are collected from artisans who produce non-irrigated, ketogenic, natural wines. Todd shares information about the government conspiracies to keep ingredient labels off of wine packaging, why alcohol content percentages can’t be trusted and why irrigation is used by tank farms solely for the purpose of producing quantity, not quality wines. Todd also details his morning ritual which includes breath fitness techniques and meditation. Plus, all Fit2Fat2Fit listeners get a bottle of Dry Farm Wines for only a penny!


Key Takeaways:

[6:19] The reason why there are no nutrition labels on alcohol.

[10:07] Todd’s pursuit of better health and ketosis led him to make natural wines.

[16:57] Alcohol, in the right dose, enhances creative development and expression.

[20:16] How drinking works.

[24:31] The amount of alcohol listed on the bottle doesn’t need to be correct.

[25:58] Alcohol is a domino drug which means the faster you drink the more you want to drink.

[27:11] The Glorious Exception; We all fall down.

[35:01] Dry Farms only accept 30% of the artisan wine they taste and test.

[37:02] In the U.S. 52% of all wines are made by three giant companies in tank farms.

[43:43] Wemhoff breath fitness and meditation are the greatest biohacks of all time.

[47:50] Cold thermogenesis and cold training require mental focus.

[52:02] Todd answers Drew’s rapid fire questions.



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