EP073: Your Fitness Journey Has to Be About More Than Looking Good

Your happiness comes from the inside.

EP073: Your Fitness Journey Has to Be About More Than Looking Good

Drew’s guest is fitness legend, Tony Horton. Tony is best known for the P90X brand but his fitness philosophy expands to much more than that. During today’s episode, Tony shares his holistic approach to well-being, which includes nutrition, workouts, yoga, recovery and self-care. As a trainer and fitness coach, Tony says it is important to be aware that the fitness journeys of others will not mirror your own. However, if you possess the right communication skills you can help anyone live a healthier life.  

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Key Takeaways:

[8:39] How Tony Horton transitioned his acting career to become a fitness legend.

[12:43] Gaining credibility in the fitness industry back in the day.

[18:19] Communication is the foundation to building a business.

[20:55] Tony on being conscious of the fitness journeys of others.

[27:42] What is your fitness philosophy?

[36:09] There is a certain amount of genetics at play but everyone can be healthy.

[40:53] Yoga is about being well-rounded physically, emotionally and spiritually.

[44:30] Tony is ever-evolving and he now has personal care products made from natural ingredients.

[47:44] The Big Picture and getting back to fitness basics with a new course.

[51:30] Recovering from injuries is easy with yoga.

[57:40] The Lightning Round.



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