EP055: Making Better Choices Based on the Mind-Body Connection

How to break through your ego to reach a place of complete health.

Mike Bledsoe is a mind, body and health fitness professional who assists individuals and fitness entrepreneurs to reach their full potential no matter what their goal is. His weekly podcast, Barbell Shrugged, is ranked a #1 fitness podcast and features industry leaders who share their connection to their bodies, their minds and their consciousness. In this episode, Mike shares his $15 morning smoothie ingredient list, his fitness philosophies and the scientific research that led him to expand his consciousness.


Key Takeaways:

[8:07] Mike shares his obsession with working out since he was a teenager and how everything in his life has been focused around health and fitness.

[12:14] How Mike’s fitness philosophy made a 180 turn from a strict punishing workout to movement based programs.

[16:09] Discover the $15 morning smoothie ingredient list.

[23:00] How the Qualia supplement by Neurohacker Collective is a nootropic designed to optimize your subjective experience.

[32:12] Analyzing how your body feels after taking supplements or eating certain foods is your best gauge on whether something is working.

[42:30] Fitness professionals have done everything they can physically and want to improve another area of their lives.

[46:25] How a series of humbling experiences led Mike to where he is now.

[52:23] Find out about an app to help with self-analysis.   

[54:20] The Lightning Round — The Dolphin.

[59:18] How to best connect with Mike Bledsoe on social media.



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