EP054: Don’t Put Yourself On Hold, Take Action!

When you own your stuff you can change your story and your life.

Lynn and Drew talk with the most accessible, most quotable man alive, Steve Maraboli. Steve is the author of three quote books, a sought-after keynote speaker and currently starring in a documentary about his life. During the conversation, Steve shares many of his quotes, which he says are internal conversations with himself. He says humans are walking bags of chemical impulses and the brain is designed for efficiency. If you want to change your habits you need to change your story. When you change your story everything in your life changes. This insightful conversation promotes taking the necessary actions to step up and take a hold of your future. “When you want to...you do!”


Key Takeaways:

[10:18] Steve Maraboli enjoys rolling around in life and owning his stuff.

[15:54] Keeping a healthy state of mind.

[17:51] Why quote books are awesome, including all of Steve Maraboli’s quote books.

[20:28] Transcending the idea from existing into living. Pop-life is making everyday count.   

[27:29] Don’t put yourself on hold.

[40:11] Steve’s quotes are internal conversations he has with himself.

[41:32] Steve’s fitness journey was basically just math and science.

[45:08] The ego-centric paradigm and the persistence of self.

[47:58] We are walking bags of chemical impulses.

[54:25] Use intent to lead you to the actionable steps. Demand your desires through your actions.



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