EP050: Can the Dietbet Game Technology Make Losing Weight Fun?

An online support system of people all working towards the same goal is all the incentive you need.

EP050: Can the Dietbet Game Technology Make Losing Weight Fun?

Today Drew talks with Matt Daniel, the CFO and VP of Business Development of Way Better Corporation. Way Better is the new name for the company behind Dietbet, Stepbet and the new Maintainer game. Games start with a host, like the extremely popular Drew Manning, and players ante up money into a pot betting on their ability to lose, maintain or gain their desired amount of weight. When people have money on the line and a supportive group of people all going after the same goal Dietbet becomes an inspirational, motivational tool.

Drew will be starting a new Stepbet game on August 15th. Be sure to click on the link below to join the challenge and play along!


Key Takeaways:

[6:09] Matt works with big name celebrities in the fitness industry as well as being the acting CFO for WayBetter. 

[8:32] A Dietbet is a game for players to invest in their well-being and have other players support them towards a weight loss goal.

[11:03] How did Founder Jamie Rosen come up with the idea for Dietbet and is it working?

[19:00] Matt describes the different games available and how they work, including the Transformer and Stepbet.

[26:13] There is a new game called the Maintainer, for those who are comfortable with the weight they have achieved.

[28:00] What about a game for people who want to gain weight through muscle mass or options for the Crossfit community?

[36:55] August 15th is the start date for Drew’s new 6-week Stepbet game.




Stepbet - August 15th is the start date

Dollar Workout Club


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