EP052: Why It’s Best to Use a Diet as a Food Philosophy and not a Strict Religion

Myths about Paleo are widespread in the health and fitness industry.

EP052: Why It’s Best to Use a Diet as a Food Philosophy and not a Strict Religion

Drew and Lynn welcome Tiffany from Whole Fork, a former Chemist with a passion for eating. Tiffany started her career working for the Department of Defense analyzing and measuring chemical components of various substances. Her scientific way of looking at things has enticed her to buy products from the EU instead of the U.S., follow her own version of the Paleo diet, and spread the belief that people can make companies change by voicing their opinions about additives in products. In this episode, she shares the misnomer behind the “all natural” labels in the U.S. and which ingredient essential oils and gasoline have in common.


Key Takeaways:

[6:23] Whole Fork started as a community on Instagram, then bloomed into a blog and recipe website.

[9:02] Tiffany detected chemicals for the Department of Defense by creating a mass spectrometry  device which analyzed various types of samples.

[16:04] The purpose of essential oils in plants and common additives, including hexane, found in commercial brands.

[26:53] Let’s talk about the Paleo Diet.

[32:48] The emotional problem associated with following a diet religiously.

[37:00] Myths and trends paint a false picture of the Paleo Diet.

[42:43] Intuitive eating is paying attention to how your body responds to certain foods and food combinations.

[47:48] The Lightning Round - Motorcycle Mama. 



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