EP049: Double Down on Your Most Important Habits When Times Get Tough

If you believe in something, it becomes true for you.

EP049: Double Down on Your Most Important Habits When Times Get Tough

Olaniyi (Niyi) Sobomehin has been an All-American collegiate athlete and a former New Orleans Saint in the NFL. He shares his beliefs on the power of building a proper mindset, how hard work pays off when you stay true to your course and how to dominate in your chosen field. Niyi made the decision to retire from his job as a firefighter, in Oregon, to invest all of his time and efforts in mentoring athletes and entrepreneurs to build unlimited self-confidence. His blueprint gives clients a guide to keep them on track, to keep them accountable and to track their success.


Key Takeaways:

[6:42] Niyi shares his life up to this point, including his time playing in the NFL.

[10:06] Niyi’s father was an educator who allowed his children to figure things out for themselves.

[14:09] It’s about having a “life is short so don’t waste it doing something you don’t want to do” type of mindset.

[19:51] Athletes should decide on where they want to go and then figure out the right path.

[25:46] Following your passion and taking some risks.

[34:38] What are the top 2 or 3 things Niyi learned from his recent experiences?

[40:54] Accountability is critical. Find a way to keep yourself accountable.

[43:26] Niyi creates a blueprint for his clients so they have an everyday guide to growing their mental capacity. 

[51:35] Seeing the impact on my athlete and entrepreneur clients is the best part of my job.

[57:39] Niyi no longer eats meat and his energy level has increased.



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