EP048: 10 Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Children mimic their parents’ behaviors. Be a good example for them.

Drew and Lynn share tried and true, proven tips to help you get your kids to eat a healthy diet. Studies show, it may take 10-12 attempts before a child will eat new foods, and that the type and amount of vegetables a child will eat increases when they have characters or role models to follow. So, if the kids or characters in the shows and books your kids are interested in have healthy habits, chances are your kids will too. If you have any terrific tips you have tried with your kids, reach out to us and share them.


Key Takeaways:

[7:36] Tip #1 - Be the example.

[10:52] Tip #2 - Take your kids to the grocery store with you.

[12:29] Tip #3 - Make the same meal for everyone.

[16:31] Tip #4 - Let your kids cook with you.

[18:06] Tip #5 - Be patient.

[19:30] Tip #6 - Make it more fun.

[22:15] Tip #7 - Don’t go overboard.

[23:02] Tip #8 - SodaPop Sundays.

[27:21] Tip #9 - Be active with your kids.

[29:09] Tip #10 - Don’t make it about losing weight. Make it about healthy habits.



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