EP047: The “Icon Athlete” on the Importance of Strength and Movement

CrossFit Games provide the competitive environment athletes thrive in.

EP047: The “Icon Athlete” on the Importance of Strength and Movement

Chris Spealler is a professional CrossFit athlete, an Affiliate Owner, and trainer for CrossFit headquarters in Park City, Utah. He has competed in 7 CrossFit games and currently builds programs and trains athletes looking to participate in the games through his Icon Athlete program. He says the core movements of the classic CrossFit program will enhance any workout but athletes need a program which increases the intensity and loads. He shares his thoughts on nutrition, supplements and why a healthy lifestyle is so important to him.


Key Takeaways:

[5:52] Chris helped teach a CrossFit competitors course to help athletes and coaches in South Korea.

[7:38] Chris missed the competition aspect of working out. CrossFit gave him the competition plus a community.

[9:58] CrossFit has changed so much over the years, especially on the competitive side.

[14:44] It’s clear CrossFit is here to stay but how will affiliates continue to keep the community a good place.

[19:56] Classic CrossFit movements are universally beneficial for everyone.

[25:30] Advice for people who are having difficulty mastering certain Crossfit positions.

[27:23] Chris’s baseline nutritional plan includes macronutrients and very few supplements.



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