EP046: Lynn's Daily Routine

You must focus on your mind, your body and your spirit for overall wellbeing.

EP046: Lynn's Daily Routine

This week’s episode focuses on Lynn’s daily routine. It’s not female specific information and in many ways, Lynn’s routine matches pretty closely with Drew’s routine, which he shared last week. Lynn realizes there is so much more to health care than just a number on a scale. While she gets her blood tests done to ensure she’s feeding her body in the way it needs to be fed, she uses her intuition to tell her which foods and exercise she needs daily. And to keep stress from bringing her down, she meditates, reads, journals and laughs each and every day. 


Key Takeaways:

[5:32] Habit stacking helps to form Lynn’s daily routine.

[7:50] Lynn reviews her gratitude list and repeats positive affirmations before she gets out of bed every morning. 

[13:17] Laughter is medicine and it changed Lynn’s life.

[14:30] Meditation helps Lynn to focus inward, where true change starts.

[20:14] What do intuitive eating and intuitive exercise mean?

[23:03] Complex carbohydrates like potatoes digest slower than simple carbs like doughnuts.

[26:14] You don’t have to have a structured workout to have a healthy body.

[27:57] Lynn uses reading and journaling as her self-care practice before bed every night.

[31:56] Which supplements does Lynn consume every day?



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