EP041: The Mental and Emotional Side of Losing 230 Pounds with Determination and Ketosis

Understanding the motivation and drive behind making a lifestyle change to dramatically improve one's health.

Today, the inspiration who is Tyler Cartwright introduces us to all kinds of keto. He also talks about nutrition, physical and mental wellness and how his relationships changed when he began his fitness journey. He has been married to his wife for 14 year and has a 5 year-old. Nine years ago, he weighed in at 505 pounds and little by little he lost 230 pounds and shed a couple of medical conditions as well. He believes in pushing the boundaries of what is possible, embracing the journey, and challenging others to do the same through his coaching, his writing and his thought leadership on ketogains.com. If you are interested in learning more about the Ketogenic diet and how it can help you, this episode is chock full of keto, keto, and keto!


Key Takeaways:

[8:33] Tyler shares his personal fitness journey and the lies he told himself when he was obese.

[15:22] As a couple, Tyler and his wife enabled each other but it was done with good intentions.

[17:40] What chain of events led Tyler to transition to a healthy lifestyle and were there repercussions? 

[26:50] Stress sometimes makes you do stupid things. Maybe you need an after-action report?

[29:44] What were the actual first steps Tyler took to get started and how did his wife react to his lifestyle change?

[36:45] Ketogains started with Tyler’s research into his unique situation.

[42:35] What are Targeted Ketogenic Diets, Standard Ketogenic Diets and what does it mean to become Keto Adapted?

[51:36] Contact Tyler on Ketogains.com and use the ketogenic calculator to help you decide where to start in your ketogenic journey.

[56:16] The Lightning Round - Necessary Endings.



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