EP044: Can Men Learn to Be Vulnerable and Own Their Own Story?

Drew opens up about his childhood and how he strives to be the best father he can be.

EP044: Can Men Learn to Be Vulnerable and Own Their Own Story?

Who is Drew A. Manning? Is he deserving of love? In today’s podcast, Lynn turns the tables on Drew in this emotionally charged episode about the man, the father, and the manscaping. Drew’s past was shaped by his being the seventh child in a family of eleven children. His future, however, he is carving out for himself. He shares his ongoing journey to find love, to be the best dad he can be and to focus on growing his daily awareness of things he is grateful for.

Listeners, please note: This entire episode is Brené Brown’s fault. She should probably come on this podcast to explain herself.


Key Takeaways:

[7:12] How does it feel to be the 7th kid out of 11 siblings?

[9:43] What inspired Drew to get into fitness and the fitness industry?

[13:35] Everyone is deserving of love, even Drew.

[20:09] Being the best father he can be is Drew’s mission in life.

[28:20] Will Drew be 100% open and transparent about being a single dad in a new book?

[29:38] The Lightning Round - Manscaping everywhere but his head.

[36:01] What are Drew’s daily positive affirmations? 



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