EP042: 3 Ways Drew and Lynn Maintained a Long-term Relationship After Their Divorce.

If you make your ex-spouse suffer, it will only make your kids suffer.

EP042: 3 Ways Drew and Lynn Maintained a Long-term Relationship After Their Divorce.

Drew and Lynn are sharing the story of their lives, their relationship and their divorce in today’s episode. Their wish is that the information helps others make it through the hard decisions they may be facing based on what they have learned along the journey of their marriage. This very open and vulnerable exchange focuses on three important points of encouragement. One is having a long-term vision for your life. Two is to not bring up past events and three is to focus on yourself. A response to a situation will almost always bring about better results than a reaction.


Key Takeaways:

[6:07] Life is better if you can learn to not take yourself so seriously.

[8:20] Hanging on to a marriage for reasons of pride is just prolonging an unhappy situation.

[11:14] “The decision wasn’t made lightly. We were in hardcore counseling for five years before our divorce.”

[16:06] Finding a way to love yourself can help you and your relationship heal.

[24:56] The 3 things that helped Drew & Lynn maintain a long-term relationship after a divorce.

[42:59] Being married is hard and being divorced is hard. You have to choose which hard you want.



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