EP040: Creating Your Environment of Excellence with a Four Step Blueprint for Success

Writing down your goals helps you to focus on the real priorities in your life.

EP040: Creating Your Environment of Excellence with a Four Step Blueprint for Success

Once a wrestler always a wrestler. Jim Harshaw Jr. is a professional speaker, consultant, and a former Division 1 All-American wrestler. He helps pro athletes, CEOs and coaches to focus on the actions they need to be taking every day in order to reach their goals. He shares with them the power of the process and the power of failure. He has received accolades about his TEDx talk, Why I Teach my Children to Fail and has created a framework everyone can follow to find their own success. He and Drew share their beliefs on which mindset shifts need to occur while striving to be the best and how wrestling is an ideal physical workout.


Key Takeaways:

[7:56] In wrestling, you get comfortable being uncomfortable and not just in the singlet.

[13:13] Jim felt hopeless and felt he didn’t have what it takes.

[16:46] Shift your focus on living a healthier lifestyle, not on an outcome, because some things are out of your control. 

[20:37] The Naval Academy offered me the second highest paying wrestling assistant coach job in the country but, I wanted to sow my oats first.

[22:54] Jim’s 4-step blueprint for success allowed him to push through anything and obtain balance in his life. 

[39:01] Jim’s diet is based on his “why”. Why does he need energy today? Why does he want to stay healthy?

[43:54] The Lightning Round.



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