EP036: The Spaniard Turns the Page and Goes From Rage in the Cage to the Stage

Spanish teacher goes rogue and uses mixed martial arts to become a professional speaker.

EP036: The Spaniard Turns the Page and Goes From Rage in the Cage to the Stage

Charlie Brenneman, aka The Spaniard, is a family man who has had a successful career as a teacher, an MMA fighter, a professional speaker, a mentor and an author. He is living proof of humans’ ability to adapt and transition to whatever they desire to be in life. He shares the details of his journey from being a high school wrestler all the way through to having his life-altering stroke. He also talks on his understanding of how nutrition can help the body perform at a higher level and which type of workouts keep him in top shape.


Key Takeaways:

[4:07] How did Charlie get the nickname “The Spaniard”?

[9:05] Binging on food after a weigh in is definitely a thing of the past. It’s now about understanding how nutrition can help the body to perform at a higher level. 

[14:42] This is what happened when Charlie transitioned from a wrestler to a UFC fighter.

[20:56] Screw your weaknesses and focus on what you are best at.

[22:51] Charlie has had 2 major events which made him believe he would never fight again.

[33:54] To fill the void of not being a fighter, Charlie set out to help others.

[36:09] There’s not enough money in the world to make me sacrifice my family time.

[39:18] What are some daily habits the Spaniard never fails to do?

[41:58] A couple of key things Charlie includes in his workout.

[44:45] Drew’s famous spinach shake breakfast.

[47:14] The Lightning Round - Google “Adlan UFC”.

[55:53] Contact information for Charlie.



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