EP038: It’s Not About the Crunches

How to get ripped through meditation and peace of mind.

EP038: It’s Not About the Crunches

Jason MacKenzie has overcome a hardship that most of us would think impossible to overcome. His human reaction to a devastating event left him lost in a haze of guilt, shame and alcoholism. He used physical fitness as a type of retribution for his dirty deeds and his wife’s suicide as the rationale for letting himself fall apart. It wasn’t until he embraced his vulnerable side that he was able to break free of his addiction and start his spiritual journey. His upcoming world-changing book is for Dads who need to cultivate vulnerability in their lives.


Key Takeaways:

[7:19] Jason dealt with the inconsolable mental anguish which was his late wife’s bipolar disorder.

[14:50] Sharing stories about bipolar disorder encourages other people to share their stories, helping to lift their burden.

[18:45] Imagine telling two little girls their mommy went to heaven after their Mommy committed suicide.

[24:39] People will rationalize their drinking problem to themselves and those who love them until the breaking point occurs.

[31:55] Two views of a disorder - How the spouse of an affected person copes and how a person who is struggling copes.

[37:19] Physical fitness was Jason’s anchor during tumultuous times and mental fitness is what got him ripped.

[42:13] It’s not about crunches. It’s about being worthy of being better.

[47:18] Contact information and what to expect from Jason’s book.

[49:10] The Lightening Round - Getting mileage out of crapping your pants.




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