EP037: Build Physical and Mental Resilience Through A Balanced Approach

How empathy and vulnerability can make you a stronger person.

EP037: Build Physical and Mental Resilience Through A Balanced Approach

As an Assistant Professor of Health Promotion at Charleston Southern University, Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas educates with a holistic approach. She believes mental fitness to be just as important as physical fitness for living a healthy life. Her 6-years of active duty service as a Captain in the Marine Corps gave her the desire to spend time helping veterans to transition from active duty to civilian life in the healthiest way possible. Her book Brave, Strong & True: The Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balance is a strategic guide for people who want to lead a purposeful life.


Key Takeaways:

[5:09] How Kate Hendricks Thomas spends her days and how she helps veterans transition from active duty to civilian life.

[9:55] The high-end fitness industry made Kate feel out of balance and wonder about her purpose.

[14:15] Mindful movement is a self-care practice.

[18:11] There are 3 concepts to build resilience to assist anyone dealing with mental fitness and stressors.

[23:20] Integrating meditation practices into your fitness program early can produce real, validated results.

[30:02] Kate believes she would have been a better marine officer had she allowed herself to be vulnerable.

[33:05] We should be consciously cultivating empathy like Drew does in his Fit2Fat2Fit movement.

[36:26] Circuit weight training, yoga and holistic nutrition are critical parts of Kate’s current fitness practice.

[41:55] The Lightning Round - Breaking Wind.

[47:00] Contact information for Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas.



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