EP032: Working Towards Getting Stronger as a Fitness Goal

You don’t have to spend all day in a gym to have 6-pack abs.

EP032: Working Towards Getting Stronger as a Fitness Goal

Natalie Jill is considered one of the 30 most influential people in the health and fitness industry. She is a social media sensation with over 1.5 million Facebook fans. People relate easily to her because her story is a story of inspiration. She was able to reinvent herself after hitting rock bottom, all the while going through a divorce and a radical weight gain following her pregnancy. The drastic change eventually led to her platinum fitness brand and her new book, Unprocess Your Diet. She shares with us how she uses her vision board to get what she wants and how she finds solutions for her followers.


Key Takeaways:

[5:16] Natalie took helping people to the next level by creating fitness solutions for those who came to her for help.

[10:46] How did Natalie Jill change her life and start the 7-day Jump Start fitness program?

[17:59] Why did Natalie pick a 7-day fitness program?

[22:09] What is the difference between a gluten-free diet and an unprocessed gluten-free diet?

[28:07] Feeling confident and living without pain is the main goal of Natalie’s life and fitness routine.

[31:13] Work towards getting stronger does not mean work towards masculinity.

[32:11] Supplements are popular in the fitness industry. Which supplements does Natalie take?

[36:27] Pre-order Natalie’s modified ebook, which is now in print. It includes seven 7-minute workouts.

[38:48] Contact information for Natalie Jill. 

[39:46] The Lightning Round.



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