EP034: How to Use Posturology and Natural Foods to Train High-Level Athletes

Allowing the body to utilize its natural processes is far better for overall health than any supplement.

EP034: How to Use Posturology and Natural Foods to Train High-Level Athletes

As a former professional ice hockey player and wrestler, Paul Gagné has always had an interest in using the body’s natural systems to obtain peak performance. He currently trains high-level athletes using Posturology, Sports Physiology, and Strength Conditioning along with a Japanese style nutrition and diet regiment. He advises to only take supplements that activate the body’s natural systems, but only if you really need to.


Key Takeaways:

[5:24] What exactly is Posturology and what does it have to do with our feet?

[14:39] Eye muscles are an important part of posture. Hand, eye coordination can be stunted by the white light from screens and the proximity of electronic devices.

[20:18] How has Paul’s nutritional philosophy changed over the years due to changes in scientific information?

[28:44] What is the difference in the proper diet of a high-end athlete vs. the average Joe?

[35:08] We should wait for our bodies to tell us when we need food before eating. Most people eat before their bodies have finished processing food.

[38:09] A good supplement activates our body's natural energy system.

[40:59] Bone broth is made from organic bones and it is eaten to reduce inflammation.

[43:53] Protein powders and supplements are overused, wasteful products.

[50:59] Contact information for Paul Gagné.



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