EP033: Thriving as a Whole Person by Embracing Physical and Mental Challenges

How integrating yoga into an intense physical workout makes you ready for anything.

EP033: Thriving as a Whole Person by Embracing Physical and Mental Challenges

Aside from having amazingly cool stories, Mark Divine is a NY Times bestselling author, has a MBA in finance, created two of the most sought after workout routines and did yoga in Saddam Hussein's palace. His SEALFIT and Kokoro yoga workouts are designed for a gamut of fitness levels and encourage mental capacity as well as physical focus. He talks with Drew and Lynn about how he uses the 3 pillar rule to keep his clients’ body and mind in top shape. Look for his new book “Unbeatable Fuel” which will be out soon. 


Key Takeaways:

[7:44] Mark was privileged to learn martial arts from an enlightened master who was a 10th degree black belt before he discovered yoga.

[17:27] Mark’s personal yoga practice includes box breathing, standing poses and high intensity exercises or fighting moves; then he finishes up with seated poses and visualizations.

[20:26] Mark’s personal mission is to dispel the idea of ‘yoga is a group sport’.

[23:56] SEALFIT started when Mark was training Navy SEALs, non-stop for 30-days. He wanted to develop their mental focus so he integrated yoga into the program. 

[28:52] What is the difference between SEALFIT and Kokoro yoga?

[36:05] Mark recommends these programs for people of varying levels of fitness. 

[37:50] A crucible is a significant challenge which gets you out of your comfort zone.

[52:54] The 3 pillars (breathing, hydration, and nutrition) are fueling rest, recovery (sleep) and integrated training. 

[58:04] The Lightning Round.

[1:02:53] Contact information for Mark and how to find his book.



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