EP028: You Have to Love Yourself No Matter What Size You Are with Fallon Mercedes

High-intensity cardio and fun workouts, like hiking, helped Fallon lose the weight.

EP028: You Have to Love Yourself No Matter What Size You Are with Fallon Mercedes

Even though the extra weight gave Trainer Fallon beautiful curves, the unhealthy eating left her hormone levels a mess. The producers made her wear a sports bra and tight shorts throughout the episode, which she says was uncomfortable in front of the cameras. The relationship between her and her client, JD, started out as fun and adventurous but after overhearing JD complain to the show’s producers about her training style she started to notice other cracks in their working relationship. Fallon says JD would say he couldn’t make the workouts and then would post pictures of burgers and beers. She felt let down since she was only there to help him. This is the first episode of the Fit to Fat to Fit show where the client left before the end of the experiment, will it be the last?


Key Takeaways:

[5:47] The reporter in me challenged me to gain the weight

[8:22] You are the only trainer unable to gain the weight on a consistent basis

[11:19] Weight gain can mess with your hormone levels and fertility

[15:14] You have to love yourself no matter what size you are

[16:52] Live a healthy life so you can enjoy the best things in life

[19:12] Fallon overheard JD bad mouthing her and noticed beer in his social media pictures

[23:16] Fallon felt like there was nothing more she could do for JD

[27:14] Did JD not respect Fallon because she wasn’t a male trainer?

[30:52] JD hasn’t contacted Fallon at all after the filming ended

[33:14] A food journal can be a powerful tool for losing weight

[36:15] High-intensity cardio and strength training got Fallon back in shape

[37:13] Gaining empathy and changing perceptions

[40:01] The Lightning Round



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