EP030: Understanding the Mental and Physical Troubles an Overweight Person Goes Through with Tramell, Jason, Johnny and Monica

Trainers lose their identities when they gain weight for the experiment.

The trainer and clients of the 10th episode of A&E’s Fit to Fat to Fit TV show join Drew to discuss the most difficult parts of their journeys. Jason and Johnny said, if Tramell was willing to gain the weight just so he could better understand what they were dealing with, then they were going to see the experiment through, no matter how hard it was. Tramell has been the only trainer of the entire season to show a moment of weakness, by giving into the addiction and cravings when he ate a Pop-Tart during one of his “back to fit” days. 


Key Takeaways:

[7:00] Monica is familiar with the health risks of gaining weight.

[9:49] Jason had a personal trainer and weight loss surgery in the past.

[11:25] We knew it was for real when Tramell gained the weight to better understand us.

[15:13] Being an overweight trainer at a new gym.

[18:33] We had to change everything in our kitchen from canned to fresh.

[24:13] Real life happened but the filming never stopped.

[30:26] The first workout after 4 months was horrible.

[36:26] The pressure of the Pop-Tart!

[42:18] Is Tramell disgusted by fat people, as the interview shot made it to seem like?

[47:20] Being more physically active than any other time in my life.

[50:37] The “per serving” trick of food labels. 

[51:54] One ingredient food items and carbs after workouts.

[55:46] The Lightning Round.

[1:01:33] Social media contact information.



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