EP027: Working Out is Fun – If You Do it at the Playground! With Carrie & Kenlee

Adding nutritious foods to your diet is more important than what you cut out of your diet.

Simple movement can make all the difference. It feels good, it’s good for us and it gives us a chance to take a big breath of the fresh air outside. This week, trainers Carrie and Kenlee talk with Drew and Lynn about the side benefits of their Fit to Fat to Fit experiment. Kenlee now spends a longer time at the playground with her kids as part of her fitness routine. She says the non-structured workouts keep her motivated and she enjoys the extra family time. Carrie felt she was already empathetic towards the clients she trained at her fitness center, but after this experience she feels she has changed. She had not realized about the mental and emotional toll the unhealthy diet would have on her well-being. She also didn’t anticipate the slow transition back to her normal/healthy diet. Listen in as the ladies share their Fit to Fat to Fit stories.


Key Takeaways:

[4:55] Carrie thought she had empathy for her clients before her Fit2Fat2Fi journey

[8:37] Kenlee and Carrie bonded over a glance while working out on the mountain

[14:58] My new diet made me a different person, and I didn’t like it

[17:58] My entire family is eating healthier

[20:28] Carrie’s transition back to healthy food took longer than she thought it would

[24:50] A workout doesn’t have to be at the gym, playing is working out!

[30:20] MMA Fighters and Stay-at-home moms use the same strength training tools

[31:38] Eating healthy is about bringing nutrition into your body not what you take out of your diet

[35:07] My treat meals no longer feel good once they hit my stomach

[41:18] I needed my safety net of women to help keep me accountable

[44:26] The Lightning Round – The devil in spandex

[52:49] Where to find Carrie and Kenlee



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