EP029a: The Ultimate Supplement is Vitamin “S”, Shawn Stevenson Wrote the Sleep Bible

EP029a:  The Ultimate Supplement is Vitamin “S”, Shawn Stevenson Wrote the Sleep Bible

The smartest guy (with the best voice) in fitness makes his second appearance on our show. Shawn Stevenson takes us on a journey through his new book “Sleep Smarter”, by highlighting important chapters and educating us on the way we sleep in general. He explains how meditation and breathing can calm our inner chatter allowing us to experience more efficient sleep, how exercising earlier in the day will make us feel more rested and how hormone supplements can ruin our natural sleep cycles. We encourage you to go out and get a copy of his well-researched and extremely well-written book.


Key Takeaways:

[5:10] Writing the book was the easy part

[9:05] How do you influence a teenager to follow the program?

[12:27] Sleep is more powerful than food and exercise

[17:36] The different categories of REM and non-REM sleep

[20:03] Exercise in the early part of the day for better sleep

[24:49] Fat loss is about your hormone function

[25:54] How supplements affect your body’s natural cycle

[32:04] Meditation is essential in today’s world and this is why it works

[45:33] The cause of and cure for Drew’s sleeping issue

[51:36] Overweight individuals can have a 50% increase in cortisol levels after eating

[58:46] Lifestyle factors that allow you to sleep well at night including a new mattress

[1:03:24] SIDS and illness in children based on mattresses treated with chemicals

[1:11:31] Becoming the best version of yourself through sleep

[1:14:21] The Lightning Round - Bieber Fever!

[1:22:02] Contact Shawn and GET HIS BOOK!


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