EP029: The Fit to Fat to Fit Experiment Has Changed our Lives Forever with Seth & Dave

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EP029: The Fit to Fat to Fit Experiment Has Changed our Lives Forever with Seth & Dave

One of the most intriguing parts of the Fit to Fat to Fit show on A&E is watching the relationship between the trainer and the client unfold. The friendship, which spawned out of Seth Kaufmann and Dave O’Keefe’s episode, was profound and inspirational. They were able to motivate each other when it was difficult to make it through the initial workouts and held each other accountable for maintaining healthy lifestyles. The pair has made plans for the future and will be launching a workout program, which includes yoga and meditation techniques in addition to nutritious juicing.


Key Takeaways:

[3:56] Seth knew he could deal with gaining the weight but he wasn’t sure about not exercising.

[11:47] You can’t go outside, you’re fat!

[13:38] Dave had someone to work out with who had a glimpse of what he was going through.

[15:41] Seth didn’t feel authentic while he was gaining weight.

[21:43] The exercise was the easiest part of the journey for Dave.

[24:34] Juice ‘reboots’ were the most efficient way for us to get our nutrients.

[31:55] Dave has been able to maintain his weight but would like to lose more.

[36:14] My entire family eats healthier and is more active now.

[41:25] Having a yoga date every Wednesday helped me to re-align my body and mind.

[44:42] Contact information for Seth and Dave.

[46:46] The Lightning Round!



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