EP023: Being a Trainer Can Save Someone’s Life with Adonis & Alissa

She’s tougher than a $2 steak.

EP023:  Being a Trainer Can Save Someone’s Life with Adonis & Alissa

This episode features Adonis and Alissa, trainer and client who appeared on the latest Fit to Fat to Fit TV show from A&E. Their partner workouts focused not only on weight loss but on muscle building and strength training. Adonis says “building muscle means more than a number on the scale.” They became fast friends and will be starting a YouTube channel which will highlight his workouts and her delicious recipes. Listen in to hear how you can follow Adonis’s “Walk Across America” to combat obesity. And, tune in every Tuesday on A&E for another inspiring episode of Fit to Fat to Fit.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:08] Adonis was 310 pounds before fitness changed his life

[9:09] Gaining the weight showed Alissa I was on the journey with her

[11:14] I watched him at rock bottom

[13:35] We became friends as well as workout partners

[16:13] It’s a big responsibility to save someone’s life

[21:22] Our partner workouts focused on weight, as well as shape

[25:15] Alissa & Adonis’s nutritional intake and diet changes

[30:34] Alissa is able to talk about her weight loss activities since the show

[35:07] Adonis is happy to report he is maintaining and building his muscles

[37:15] Fit to Fat to Fit is only 4 months old, most of the other shows last a year

[37:50] How to follow Adonis’s “Walk Across America” for obesity

[41:53] The Lightning Round



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