EP026: It’s Called ‘Working Out’, It’s Supposed to Be Tough with Katie & Mateo

You try to have more food victories than defeats.

While Mateo was transitioning from carnivore to “mostly” vegetarian in 0 to 60, Katie loathed herself every time she shoved a French fry into her mouth. This may be the first episode of A&E’s Fit to Fat to Fit reality TV show in which the fitness trainer had a more difficult time with the experiment than the client had with the weight loss program. Katie opens up to Drew about how much she hated every minute and every morsel. She says she doesn’t regret taking in the challenge but she will never, ever do it again. Mateo had his own set of challenges when his body broke down shortly after starting the program, because he hadn’t worked out in years. He also found his soda cravings unbearable. They both agree finding someone who understands what you are going through is the best motivation in the world.


Key Takeaways:

[6:30] When Mack and Mateo first met

[10:04] Perceptions of working with a personal trainer and a chef

[13:28] Katie hated the amount of food she had to eat for her Fit to Fat to Fit experiment

[21:51] Overeating took an emotional and physical toll on Katie

[31:58] Stress caused slowdowns in metabolism and weight loss 

[41:31] Changing attitudes is what the experiment is really about

[45:10] Walking was the first step towards getting out of the gym

[46:54] You must create the time to get healthy

[51:55] Obese people endure a quiet suffering but keep doing what they have to do

[55:56] All diets don’t work for everyone, everyone is built differently

[1:00:51] The 50/50 diet regimen, low carbs and lots of protein

[1:06:27] The Lightning Round - Mateo’s cooking is the best in the world



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