EP025: Being Fit & Sculpting Your Body is Different from Starting with a Blank Canvas

Caution: Removing junk food from your diet may cause anger and other unwanted emotions.

EP025: Being Fit & Sculpting Your Body is Different from Starting with a Blank Canvas

Changing your diet requires more than willpower. We all have emotional connections with certain foods, which drive us to eat when we are not hungry or bored. Breaking the cycle was the toughest part for Raela. She felt angry and emotional as she was eliminating soda and other sugars from her life. She had not realized the addictive spell she was under. This week’s trainer, Corey Taylor, was struggling with the Fit to Fat to Fit experience until Drew visited to help him through the physical and emotional hits his body was taking. Corey feels it helped to have someone who understood what he was going through and after his Fit to Fat to Fit experience, he was able to be there mentally for Raela.


Key Takeaways:

[2:33] Adding 50-60 pounds over 4 months is scary

[5:37] Changing eating habits was one of the hardest things

[7:14] Raela’s friends were there for her as a support system

[8:37] Fat Corey was more social than Fit Corey is

[10:55] The pressure of a new lifestyle was overwhelming

[14:48] Having someone who knows what you are going through can change your perspective

[19:36] Eating real food and not eating junk was the biggest change for Raela

[20:53] Being fit and sculpting your body is different from starting with a blank canvas

[23:31] Use the earth as a tool to gain better health

[25:24] Raela got angry and emotional when she changed her diet

[29:09] Corey’s new workout programs based on his Fit to Fat to Fit experience

[31:47] How Raela embraced and maintains her fitness lifestyle

[33:41] Losing weight is a bi-product of a healthy, happy lifestyle

[36:59] The Lightning Round - A chubby trainer



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