EP066: The Common Myths and Real Benefits of Fasting

Jimmy Moore helps Drew prepare for his first 7-day fast.

EP066: The Common Myths and Real Benefits of Fasting

Drew wants to gain the mental clarity that fasting offers and he wants to make certain he doesn’t cause any damage to his physical health in the process. In order to prepare for his first fast, he speaks with guest fasting expert, Jimmy Moore. You may know Jimmy as an international best-selling author or from his podcast, Livin’ la Vida Low-Carb, which is one of the longest running health and fitness podcasts in the industry. Jimmy’s new book, The Complete Guide to Fasting, includes the human history of fasting, the science behind the fast and real life health benefits he has experienced through fasting.

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Key Takeaways:

[7:22] Jimmy Moore says you must work yourself up to a 21-day fast.

[9:15] Insulin resistant people will lose more body fat during fasting.  

[10:40] The real signs of healing Jimmy Moore experienced from fasting.

[13:38] Jimmy’s Practical Progression of Fasting.

[18:41] Lowering the insulin load in your body and increased mental clarity are both benefits of fasting.

[24:21] What is the difference between a smart fast and starvation?

[27:10] How did Jimmy Moore maintain proper nutrition levels during his 21-day fast?

[32:25] After a fast, the body needs to be primed with a small meal before the first full meal.

[35:17] Dispelling common myths of fasting.   

[37:46] A DEXA scan showed Jimmy gained muscles in his arms and legs during his fast.

[43:15] What kind of things could derail Drew during his first 7-day fast?

[46:21] Jimmy Moore has 3 new books coming out in 2017.

[46:56] Should Drew take Exogenous Ketones during the first day of his fast?

[51:11] Get your information from a medical or verified source, not the internet.


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