EP069: Looking at Digestion in a Feng Shui Kind of Way

The real reasons behind your stress, constipation, low sex drive and depression.

EP069: Looking at Digestion in a Feng Shui Kind of Way

Listen up ladies and men with important ladies in their lives! Today’s episode has important nutritional information you are interested in. Drew’s guest Melissa Ramos describes how cleaning out your digestive tract and make you healthy and happy. She shares the cause of sore boobs, anxiety, and cramps you experience during your period. She offers up the dirty details on what your poop reveals about your mental health and steps you can take to enjoy sex again!

Melissa Ramos is a nutritionist who focuses on Chinese medicinal therapy. She is the owner of Sexy Food Therapy, a brand that focuses on digestion and hormone imbalances. Melissa is a guest expert on CTV’s The Social, she gives Ted Talks and is one of Canada’s rising health and wellness stars as cited by FLARE Magazine.


Key Takeaways:

[8:43] Melissa worked for the devil before studying nutrition and Chinese medicine.

[12:58] Women get the progesterone blues when their stress hormones compete with their sex hormones.

[18:00] Many women don’t understand what is really going on in their bodies.

[21:49] How Melissa became the “Poop Whisperer.”

[24:45] Understanding bowel movements, digestive health and vaginal health.

[32:21] Depression comes from the gut.

[33:34] Sore boobs, anxiety and cramps? Common period symptoms that are not normal.

[40:50] You can suffer through it or get on the path to getting better.

[43:06] The Sexy Lady Balls Group promotes mental and physical well-being.

[46:20] Sex is crucial for your health and crucial for your relationship.

[52:43] Melissa answers Drew’s rapid fire questions.



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