EP062: Your Journey of Transformation Should Begin with Kinstretch

Flexibility, mobility and mobilization are key factors in achieving overall health.

EP062: Your Journey of Transformation Should Begin with Kinstretch

Utah native, Dr. Chad Adams is a physician who assists professional sports players and average Joe’s to maximize their range of motion. He uses the Kinstretch system which also maximizes client’s overall health. He is a Level l Certified Kinstretch Instructor and an Exercise Specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His ChiroFusion practice focuses on Sports Rehabilitation, Muscle Tissue Treatment, Injury Therapy and Corporate Wellness programs. He joins Drew today to expound upon the Kinstretch system and to discuss the finer points of how the program can help all people achieve universal health.

Key Takeaways:

[7:43] Dr. Adams shares his moving story of his journey to become a physician.

[13:00] The many forms and variations of chiropractic care.

[14:23] Dr. Adams practices martial arts from several different cultural backgrounds, including Capoeira from Brazil.

[20:00] Kinstretch is a science-based activity designed to reclaim usable ranges of motion.

[24:30] The difference between flexibility, mobility and mobilization.

[27:50] Injury occurs when the load exceeds the capacity of the tissue.

[33:13] Who is Kinstretch designed to help?

[36:16] It takes time and consistency to repair injury and reinstate range of motion.

[42:12] A key principle of the Kinstretch system is Controlled Articulated Rotations (CARS).

[48:31] How to qualify to become a mobility specialist and obtain Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Certification.

[51:33] Personal trainers should check out Functional Anatomy Seminars to best serve their clients.

[54:44] How to get in contact with Dr. Adams and ChiroFusionUtah.



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