EP065: Have You Fallen for the Marketing Tricks Developed by the Food Industry?

If you are one of the millions who believes food studies are real, you are being deceived.

EP065: Have You Fallen for the Marketing Tricks Developed by the Food Industry?

What do you do if you want to find out if a food is healthy? If you are like most Americans, you read the label or do a google search to see what the ingredients are. Drew’s guest, Jeff Scot Philips, a former maker of “health food” tells us why neither of those go-to sources can be trusted. This mind blowing podcast comes on the heels of the release of Jeff’s new book, The Big Fat Food Fraud: Confessions of a Health-Food Hustler. In it, he shares an insider's account of the lies and deceptions which exist in the food industry, from bribes to local health inspectors, manipulated food labels, fitness industry influencers who are targeted and even having the VP of Monsanto running the FDA. Knowledge is power. Listening to this episode can help you to take your power back and take control of your health without manipulation.

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Key Takeaways:

[7:20] Jeff’s backstory includes personal training, an accidental business and producing food for health food companies. 

[11:18] It didn’t feel right but it was easier to pass Health Inspections when there was a bribe involved.

[14:49] EDUtising is advertising disguised as education to promote foods that aren’t healthy.

[18:06] The Gluten-Free fad was developed by the food industry.

[22:21] How does the food industry disguise unhealthy food as healthy foods?

[26:00] Monsanto basically bought their way into controlling the FDA.

[30:06] Jeff’s turning point happened when his family and friends regained prior illnesses after eating food he helped produce.

[31:35] Industry influencers and investors control what consumers see, hear and eat.

[37:15] Food labels are misleading and grossly exaggerated so don’t fall for them.

[39:52] The food industry is allowed a certain amount of discreet ingredients, like msg, without putting it on the label.

[42:51] What about Whole Foods and other “Natural” grocery stores, are they in on it too?

[44:31] How food companies use technology and search engines to target certain types of individuals.

[46:56] What are current fads which are being manipulated by the food industry?

[53:53] People can become physically, emotionally and mentally dependent on processed foods.

[57:15] What does Jeff Scot Philips eat on a daily basis?



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