EP061: Tips to Help You Gain a Work-Life Balance

How stressed out people can get more enjoyment out of their days.

EP061: Tips to Help You Gain a Work-Life Balance

Take a nice long and deep breath before listening to today’s episode. No, really. Do it! There...isn’t that better? Guest, Dr. Pedram Shojai says that simple breathing exercises can change your entire state of being. Dr. Shojai’s goal is to assist frazzled, stressed out people in finding peace and balance in their lives. He is a New York Times bestselling author of two books, he produced the lifestyle documentaries Vitality and Origins, he is responsible for the educational Well.org website, and he hosts The Health Bridge podcast and The Urban Monk podcast to accompany his new book of the same name.

Dr. Shojai joins Drew and Lynn to discuss why investing time in your family is a safe bet, the difference between meditation and religion and why intercepting diseases before they happen is the best healthcare plan of them all.


Key Takeaways:

[7:40] The heartwarming story of how Dr. Shojai balances his work and family life.

[13:32]The Wandering Taoist fell off a shelf and landed in front of Dr. Shojai just as he was asking for guidance. 

[15:23] The Vitality and Origins documentaries were born out of Dr. Shojai’s disdain for the modern healthcare system.

[18:37] Easy to follow tips to modulate your entire state of being.

[21:25] Americans are exploding from stress and in our quick-fix culture, industries are making as much money as possible from it.

[30:37] What is the difference between meditation and prayer?

[38:34] Dr. Shojai starts with Qigong in the morning and then balances out his energy throughout the day.

[42:07] Micro-commitments are exhausting us. Saying ‘no’ is really saying ‘yes’ to important things in our lives.

[44:32] Tips that can help children to expand, rather than restrict, their lives.

[48:30] Dr. Shojai’s current health and fitness regime is more a lifestyle than a routine.

[53:02] The Lightning Round.



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