EP057: How Do You Stay Motivated After You Achieve Your Ideal Physique?

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EP057: How Do You Stay Motivated After You Achieve Your Ideal Physique?

Drew’s guest is the self-proclaimed desk jockey and fitness hacker, Jay Kim, who lives in Hong Kong with his wife and family. Jay struggled most of his life with getting the physique he wanted. He went to the gym and did all of the workouts in the fitness magazines but never reached his fitness holy grail. One day, an offhand comment from his genetically blessed wife led Jay to delve deeper into what being healthy really meant. He tossed the supplements and magazine articles and started experimenting on his own body focusing more on his diet, through nutrients and intermittent fasting. Jay shares his fitness journey and describes the different ways he helps clients sculpt and maintain the body they want.


Key Takeaways:

[6:58] Jay describes the fitness and supplement industry in Hong Kong.

[10:43] Jay Kim didn’t focus on fitness during his college years or during his time on Wall Street.

[12:37] Jay didn’t know much about diet and nutrition. His brother told him the workouts in Men’s Fitness wasn’t enough.

[16:44] After getting serious about his overall health, Jay cut 15% of his body fat but still didn’t look like a fitness model. 

[18:42] How a hurtful, but truthful, comment from Jay’s wife inspired him to hack his fitness through macronutrients. 

[27:17] Jay says, you have to be real about what you want. 

[30:55] How do you stay motivated when you achieve your ideal physique?

[35:04] How intermittent fasting fits Jay’s life style.

[40:55] The fitness industry is a huge monster that will do anything to make money.

[43:14] How helping female clients to reach their health and fitness goals differs from male clients.

[49:08] Download Jay’s 13-page free guide, Hack Your Fitness, in the links below.

[50:01] The Lightning Round.



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