EP058: You Have to Be Willing to Put in the Work

Why perseverance trumps everything else when it comes to success.

EP058: You Have to Be Willing to Put in the Work

This podcast will motivate you to be the best you can be at whatever it is you dream of being. Drew’s guest is Tom Bilyeu, Co-Founder and President of Quest Nutrition and the host of the inspirational Inside Quest Podcast. Tom’s zeal to do the right thing even in the midst of potentially losing big profits is the catalyst which keeps Quest at the forefront of the supplement industry. Tom delves into his fitness journey and describes how he spent many years as a miserable protein junkie, and then to his current lifestyle where he uses the science of ketosis to keep himself fit and his mood elevated. This episode is filled with so many inspiring nuggets after listening to it you will feel full, almost as if you have eaten a passion flavored Quest Bar.


Key Takeaways:

[6:44] Tom’s passion from a very young age was filmmaking. He was convinced he needed to become rich to control his destiny. 

[8:44] How Tom’s journey changed from making movies to making protein bars. 

[15:15] The early days of Quest Nutrition meant constant learning, distribution and how to keep the protein bars from rotting.

[22:06] What matters is who you want to become and the price you are willing to pay to get there.

[26:17] Deciding to do everything right or to not do it at all is how Quest stays at the forefront of the supplement industry.

[34:25] The science behind a ketogenic diet.

[44:23] The NFL and the US Military are all looking at the effects of a ketogenic diet.

[48:10] Guests on Tom’s Inside Quest Podcast all confirm that success is all about perseverance.

[52:00] Tom’s family reminds him of the accomplishments and the future goals of Quest Nutrition.



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