EP022a: You Can Change Your Life by Eating Real Food with Abel James

Pay attention in the grocery store because labeling can be deceiving.

You almost have to have a detective license these days to get “real” food at the grocery store. Labeling is intentionally misleading to consumers who believe “all-natural” actually means the product is truly all natural. The best place to get food that contains beneficial nutrients is the farmer’s market or the local butcher. Drew’s guest, The Fat Burning Man – Abel James, shares his Wild Diet, which he describes as somewhere in between the paleo and primal eating plans. Drew and Abel take us behind the scenes of their reality TV shows, where we learn how someone can wear a full-size bacon costume and still look at themselves in the mirror every morning.


Key Takeaways:

[4:54] What exactly is the Wild Diet and what makes it different than Paleo?

[8:22] Watch out for these buzz words

[12:30] Being part of the food culture will help you stay healthy

[13:55] The Wild Diet is a mix of Primal and Paleo

[17:21] There are so many benefits to fasting, plus your muscles don’t fall off

[20:19] Eat around the same time as your daily workout

[21:45] Kids should be eating nutritious foods when they are hungry

[24:51] Being a part of the reality series My Diet is Better than Yours

[30:53] Reality TV shows are created from months of footage packed into 45 minutes

[32:40] The Wild Diet book, Swamp Thing and Abel’s other new projects

[34:00] The Lightning Round - The Wood Brothers

[39:09] Small Things from Swamp Thing



Dollar Workout Club







The Wild Diet

Caveman Feast

Fat Burning Man

My Diet is Better than Yours

Eat to Live



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