EP022: Being Self-Righteous and Judgmental Without Realizing It, with Steve, Bonnie and Tasha

You are not your looks; you are not your weight.

Focusing on clients’ needs is something that has always been important to the trainer, Steve Pfiester. Even during his early days of training, he recognized it was necessary to understand all aspects of physical therapy in order to be the best trainer he could be. His recent Fit to Fat to Fit experience is another example of how he gives of himself to benefit his clients, both physically and mentally. After gaining 45 pounds for the show, Steve found himself struggling to perform his own Boot Camp workout. He realized he may have been judgmental before this journey because he could see people’s potential but never understood why they didn’t want to get in shape. Drew and Lynn are joined by Steve’s wife, Bonnie and Tasha Reiss-Cruzz, the client from the Fit to Fat to Fit TV show.

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Key Takeaways:

[4:30] Steve grew up as a chubby kid, but he had a natural affinity towards fitness

[6:30] Bonnie worked out with her Dad as a kid

[8:41] Steve thought he had fallen out of love with Bonnie 

[14:44] Should marriage make you happy all the time?

[17:27] It all starts with obedience

[20:31] Being a selfless mom wasn’t enough for Tasha 

[24:16] Why did Steve get involved in the Fit to Fat to Fit project?

[28:34] Being self-righteous and judgmental without realizing it

[31:41] Wrestling with knowing someone’s potential

[35:15] Tasha felt like Steve better understood what she was going through

[38:06] Being overweight helped us to change our own boot camp program

[40:10] Steve’s first workout after gaining the weight was brutal

[44:20] Contact Bonnie, Steve and Tasha

[46:24] The Lightning Round



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