EP021a: Nothing Trumps Experience with Rich “Ace” Franklin

You must get out of your comfort zone to accomplish what you desire.

Ongoing training and proper nutrition are key factors in keeping your body in top shape. Even if you don’t desire the life of a cage fighter, you can learn important life and fitness lessons from our guest Rich Franklin. He shares both his training regimen and nutritional goals with us. In preparation for an MMA or UFC fight, he physically works his body for 22 grueling hours a week; and he uses Armor Gel exclusively to keep his body protected from dangerous infections while working out. Rich believes that “Anything worth accomplishing in life is going to be a difficult task” and he shares his positive and encouraging message with people all over the world.

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Key Takeaways:

[3:53] Dishin’ some dirt on Dallas

[6:03] Transitioning from teaching to becoming a full-time fighter

[11:41] Anything worth accomplishing in life is going to be a difficult task

[14:20] How to Be a Loser – TEDxUChicago

[16:30] How does Rich train and eat during retirement?

[20:47] Prepping for a Fight

[23:30] Nothing trumps experience

[26:17] Looking at things from a cellular level – It’s all about nutrition

[30:35] Weight cutting can be as stressful as the fight

[35:02] Death related to weight cutting is causing changes in the UFC

[38:22] Armor Gel uses silver, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms

[42:48] The Lightning Round – The droopy



Dollar Workout Club







Whole 30

Rich Franklin

How to Be a Loser TEDxU - Rich Franklin

Armor Gel



Mike Dolce



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