EP021: A&E’s Fit to Fat to Fit Show – JJ & Ray from Episode 1 Tell All

Overcoming obesity is more of an emotional journey than a physical one.

EP021: A&E’s Fit to Fat to Fit Show – JJ & Ray from Episode 1 Tell All

The first episode of A&E’s Fit to Fat to Fit show was truly an amazing story that brought Drew’s experiment to life. JJ Peterson is the trainer who needed to gain 60 pounds in order to participate. He has been a fitness buff since he was 10 years old. He was obsessed with how the human body functioned and had never been overweight in his life. Ray Stewart is the client who found himself pushing the 400lb mark on the scale. He always felt judged when entering a gym; and felt as though he was on a different planet when he previously participated in a fitness show. The two are now planning their next Spartan race together. Get the behind the scenes juice from today’s podcast.


Key Takeaways:

[3:45] A kidney disease led JJ to love the human body and how it works

[8:34] In hindsight, my previous judgment was misplaced

[12:15] Ray felt judged when he went to a fitness conference or to the gym

[14:32] It’s inspiring to see people doing the best they can

[15:44] JJ’s Fit2Fat2Fit journey was more difficult mentally than it was physically

[18:46] My trainer gaining the weight made a huge impact on my weight loss experience

[23:41] The biggest thing I learned from the Fit2Fat2Fit journey

[25:30] Adding love to my training program since I am more focused on the individual as a whole

[28:28] JJ struggled with his first workout after 120 days without physical exercise

[31:11] It was powerful to see how bad JJ wanted it

[34:09] Ray makes a decision every day to stay on the program

[37:57] Paying it forward

[39:40] We don’t bring crap food into the house

[42:44] Contact information for JJ & Ray

[44:07] The Lightening Round



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