EP020: It’s Not About Vanity for the Trainers - It’s a Life Mission

The epic fitness journey, Fit to Fat to Fit TV airs on January 19th at 10 pm on A&E.

Dan Partland, Executive Producer of the upcoming Fit to Fat to Fit TV docu-series joins Drew and Lynn to discuss the making of the show. Dan mentions he was surprised to discover the unconscious biases towards super fit people as well as the biases people have about obese people. He also shares how the show may seem gimmicky to those who don’t watch it, but when they see it they will realize the emotional and mental aspects of weight loss from two completely different fitness groups. The show will be as profound as the Fit2Fat2Fit book.


Key Takeaways:

[4:47] Dan’s background in television and documentaries

[9:50] Fiction films are fun to watch but not a lot of fun to make

[11:53] ‘Is the Fit2Fat2Fit show going to be safe?’, was my first thought

[14:51] Finding the right style and tone was important with this show

[19:09] Showing the mental and emotional side of the journey

[19:52] People might think the show is gimmicky if they don’t watch it

[24:20] Everybody involved with making the show was impacted 

[30:53] Participants had their own reasons for being part of the show

[32:18] Drew’s book is deeply profound

[35:56] The trainers and the clients were almost like different species

[37:35] The Lightning Round - Dan wouldn’t do a Fit2Fat2Fit experience



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