EP005: A Wake Up Call from his Doctor Led Kevin Curry to his New Fit Life

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EP005:  A Wake Up Call from his Doctor Led Kevin Curry to his New Fit Life

For years Kevin says he just couldn’t master the whole diet thing until his doctor gave him a wake up call. His original blog was intended to hold himself accountable for his food choices and lifestyle but his message resonated to both English and Spanish speaking communities. He now has the number one food app and says the real key to good health is nutrition. 


Key Takeaways:

[:18] Low net carbs & high quality protein in Quest bars

[3:24] Who is Kevin Curry?

[4:16] I couldn’t master the whole diet thing, then I had a wake up call

[6:26] I started my blog to help myself but then other people needed help too

[9:04] Understanding the addiction of food

[12:23] Building the physique of your dreams

[15:12] I wanted to delay the real world so I taught hip hop dance

[19:20] I caught a lot of flack for reaching out so much

[20:53] Kevin’s typical day is better in the summer

[24:44] A pre-workout meal and a post-workout meal

[28:24] Don’t buy processed stuff from the store

[29:51] $60 bucks a week for food is all I had so I had to make it work

[34:04] It’s deliberate that there is no diet related to my recipes

[34:51] Vegan recipes are so creative

[36:30] I naturally appeal to women but I have 60% male audience and 40% female

[37:27] I do a traditional body building routine 4 times a week

[40:08] The Lightning Round

[46:01] Just drink water

[46:48] It would be hard for me to a fit2fat2fit experience

[48:58] How to contact Kevin on social media - Get the app



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