Finding Joy in Working Out with Cassey Ho, One of the Top 25 Fitness Influencers in the World

You can be healthy and fit while being realistic.

Finding Joy in Working Out with Cassey Ho, One of the Top 25 Fitness Influencers in the World

Cassey worked hard to be the best at everything while growing up and her parents assumed she would be a doctor or a lawyer. When she told them she was pursuing other goals of the entrepreneurial nature they withheld their support for almost 2 years. Although it was difficult to be without them Cassey used the time to learn design and pilates. She now runs her successful OGorgeous accessory business, has 2.5 million followers, is preparing her workout program for a major fitness gym and helps people become who they want to be with authentic videos and blogs. 

[1:20] Quest Nutrition is a great snack to have on hand
[3:05] Who is Cassey and what is OGorgeous
[4:38] Cassey learned designing through the trial and error method
[5:17] Owning the title of one of the top 25 fitness influencers in the world
[7:30] Cassey is down to earth and body positive
[8:28] Drew helped me through a body plateau 
[10:44] I had a candy biz when I was younger and sold Cassey’s Crack Cookies 
[15:01] As an entrepreneur I can work harder to become more successful 
[17:19] My parents have come around and are now willing to help me with my business
[18:49] Social media comments started to get under my skin so I made the video
[22:56] You can’t judge a book by its cover 
[25:34] Most of the mean comments come from women - they must be hurting so much
[28:17] Cassey’s Fitness Tip - Find the joy in working out 
[31:25] I work out all the time and my muscles still spasm after a hard workout 
[32:56] A typical breakfast includes eggs
[35:00] Sam is the strategist behind the business plus he knows how to make me look good
[39:42] Google Sam & Cassey Ho
[40:40] Fit2Fat2Fit Journey - Growing up chubby was hard I was extremely body conscious
[49:07] The Lightning Round 
[52:16] The epic meal portion food challenge 
[55:18] My pilates will be the official pilates of 24 Hour Fitness 


Quest Nutrition 
The “Perfect” Body - Youtube video 

“Did you know Cassey Ho’s crack cookies were chocolate chip cookies with buttercream icing in the middle?”
“A 60 day diet is not sustainable you need to find joy in working out and transform your diet on a full time basis.” 
“Most of the mean comments on my video were from women who must be hurting to say such things.” 



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