EP002: The Courage It Takes to Truly Transform - The Chris Powell Interview

Finding beauty in the strength of self not the size of self

EP002:  The Courage It Takes to Truly Transform - The Chris Powell Interview

Knowing what you are good at and not good at can save you lots of money, just ask Chris Powell. He figured out (by trial and error) he was a much better trainer than a businessman. He openly admits to his hard times and shares how living in a bitter place transformed him to become the friend, husband, father and trainer he is today. He believes being vulnerable can open a person up to growth and change your life forever. Losing weight might be the end goal but the way to get there is through your heart and mind.

Key Takeaways:

[3:07] Chris is a father of 4 and the host of Extreme Weight Loss

[4:10] Drew and Chris’ first meeting

[6:16] Somebody always wants to take a picture when eating normal food 

[7:55] I indulge in my cravings but I balance it out with additional measures

[9:51] Is it possible to cheat the system

[11:12] Chris didn’t think he was going to be a trainer, he was going to be a pilot

[15:27] Training has always been a passion

[16:07] Producers are always looking for new idea’s

[17:49] Super obese people want help we just don’t know about them

[18:19] An e-mail changed two lives dramatically

[21:07] I lost all of my money on bad investments

[22:39] A seedy pick up line worked on my wife

[23:45] Months after we pitched the show idea ABC bought it

[26:48] Losing everything caused me to be bitter but I had to go through hard times

[29:23] Accepting your vulnerabilities can open you up to growth and change your life forever

[33:47] Power struggles are behind many of my arguments

[35:13] Ego is a powerful tool in transformations

[37:15] When the cameras go away and the scale stays the same what happens

[40:12] Chris would never do a fit2fat2fit experience

[42:26] Breakfast cereal, straight cream, fried chicken and milkshakes

[44:13] The lightning round 








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