EP001: Lynn and Drew Manning Introduce Us to the New Fit2Fat2Fit Podcast

Our goal as trainers is overall better health, medically speaking.

EP001: Lynn and Drew Manning Introduce Us to the New Fit2Fat2Fit Podcast

Lynn and Drew welcome us to listen to their new podcast. They answer the most common questions they receive, Drew about his Fit2Fat2Fit experience and Lynn about why she only works with women. Drew is not just another trainer with a 6 pack. His experience has given him a unique perspective on the mental and emotional draw of today’s common food options. He wrote a book to share his experience with the world. Lynn feels women are more harshly judged by their physical aspects and knows it is harder for women to lose weight. She believes learning to love oneself is an important first step. Subscribe in iTunes for their next episode! 


Key Takeaways:

[:15] Why we like Quest Nutrition 

[1:31] Drew who? and Lynn the Foodie 

[4:33] Why Drew do the Fit2Fat experience?

[5:07] I wanted people to embrace a healthier lifestyle change

[6:11] The journey was mental and emotional 

[7:53] I was pregnant so I was happy to have good food in the house

[9:31] He was obsessed with his health and fitness to the point of disliking carrots

[11:02] What training methods have changed since your experiment?

[11:52] I really do focus more on the mental and emotional side of weight loss

[13:39] I don’t pretend to know exactly what it’s like

[14:31] Why do you only work with women, Lynn?

[14:57] I had some underlying bitterness towards the physical differences in weight loss 

[16:33] I learned why it is harder to lose weight but if you love yourself it’s easier

[17:35] Our goal is for overall better medical health 

[18:46] This podcast will have interviews with people in the health industry

[19:42] All feedback is welcome 

[20:00] Drew will have a part in an A&E show in the future

[20:45] We are working with Natalie Hodson on Dollar Workout Club 

[22:14] Leave your comments and subscribe to us on iTunes




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