EP015: Simple Scientific Steps to Allow Your Body to Heal Itself

Changing your body starts with changing your mind.

EP015:  Simple Scientific Steps to Allow Your Body to Heal Itself

The human body is a machine designed to heal itself. It is capable of producing exactly what your cells need if given the right fuel (aka the proper nutrients). But before you put any food in your mouth, you need to feed your head. Positive thoughts and confidence can simplify your new lifestyle change. Allow your body to tell you what it wants and needs. There is a movement afoot to prevent chronic illnesses by way of proper nutrition. But until that takes hold, you need to look after yourself and your loved ones with activities that bring you joy, and with foods that empower your cells. .


Key Takeaways:

[4:51] Increasing hormones through song and dance

[6:59] We are hardwired to learn through our auditory senses

[10:00] Improving your nutrient profile improves your health

[12:25] Shawn felt like he should be a doctor, but not in the traditional sense

[13:54] At 15, Shawn was given drugs for a broken hip instead of nutritional information

[15:29] The nocebo effect is scientifically proven

[18:06] It’s all in your mind

[18:47] Shawn “Fluffy” Combs made a decision to get well

[20:55] Nutrition and hydration

[23:13] Raw materials allow the body to rebuild itself

[25:08] Calcium supplements increase risk of heart attack and stroke

[27:29] Find strategic ways to sneak green, leafy vegetables into your diet

[29:51] Reversing chronic illnesses by changing your lifestyle

[33:08] People noticed the transformation after 9 months

[36:58] Classically trained doctors go through medical training, but not nutritional training

[38:10] Health care professionals may live 10 years less than their patients

[41:22] Nutrigenomics - The power of food

[43:58] Listen to your own body

[46:13] Humans have tried to eat everything

[48:32] Eating raw foods only, is like being on an extended cleanse

[50:00] Be true to yourself, whatever you choose to do

[54:12] Lynn is a much evolved human being

[55:10] Be the example you want your kids to see and mimic

[1:01:32] Contact Shawn and listen to his podcast, The Model Health Show

[1:03:30] The Lightning Round

[1:08:56] Creating Shawn’s most embarrassing moment




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