EP017: Having a Silly Side can Help Us Cope as Survivors with Sarah Plummer

A client-centered approach is the best approach to fitness.

EP017:  Having a Silly Side can Help Us Cope as Survivors with Sarah Plummer

Do you ever wonder how some people can take blow after blow and still have the strength to be positive? Our guest, Sarah Plummer, tells us exactly how she does it. As a female marine, she felt the drive to excel physically and fell victim to physical abuse. She made headlines with the part she played in the Military Justice Improvement Act, and her book, Just Roll with it, recently got to bookstore shelves. She promotes healthy living through yoga retreats and draws from her experiences to help clients attain desired fitness levels. 



Key Takeaways:

[3:01] Drew’s big announcement!

[4:52] Sarah was a student athlete in a military family

[8:06] The full injury report

[12:02] Finding the strength to overcome

[14:53] Having a silly side can help you cope

[17:14] A systemic failure in the military

[20:27] The Military Improvement to the Justice Act

[24:20] Does movement promotes epiphanies?

[30:41] Make your breath your own, through yoga

[37:10] Taking a client-centered approach is what differentiates Sarah’s program

[40:29] Grab Sarah’s book, Just Roll with it

[43:09] Contact Sarah

[44:15] The Lightning Round - Krispy Kreme

[49:29] Sarah would do a Fit2Fat2Fit journey



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