EP010: Knowing Your Why Behind Your Fitness Goals with Bruce Pitcher of Extreme Weight Loss

Add non-scale related daily habits improve your fitness level and keep you on track.

EP010:  Knowing Your Why Behind Your Fitness Goals with Bruce Pitcher of Extreme Weight Loss

What a burst of energy this guy is. Bruce Pitcher and Drew met on Season 3 of Extreme Weight Loss (EWL). Bruce’s story is so touching, so potent and so raw it impacts everyone who hears it. After years of hiding a secret about his father, Bruce gradually gained weight until he reached 410 lbs. Becoming a participant on EWL changed Bruce’s life forever. He found unbridled support from the fitness coaches which helped him to turn his health around. He now works on fitness boot camps, speaks motivationally and encourages people with his voracious energy to take continue on their journey to better health.

Key Takeaways:

[4:15] Bruce and Drew met on a mind-blowing episode of Extreme Weight Loss

[6:08] Bruce’s memories of his father’s arrest and his suicide attempt

[13:03] Weight started piling on quickly and I weighed as much as 410 pounds

[14:47] Feeling the love from people on the show gave me the confidence to confront my dad

[17:57] Chris made me realize I didn’t keep the promises I made to myself

[20:28] Tommy is a Crossfit freak and everybody should be lifting weights

[26:25] Knowing your “why” behind your fitness goals

[31:34] Bruce’s energy is contagious

[32:43] The naked squat in front of the mirror and 3 random positive comments before 10 am

[33:58] Meal prep is a daily habit which can push you in the right directions

[36:51] What supplements does Bruce take

[39:24] Bruce’s goal for next year 

[40:10] Lynn doesn’t enjoy Crossfit, just keep your Crossfit talk to yourself

[42:54] The Lightning Round

[44:34] Chris & Heidi Powell impressions

[46:47] Some random fitness talk which includes frams

[48:34] Contact info for Bruce



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Dollar Workout Club

Destination Boot Camp



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