EP012: Using Exercise to Clear Your Mind with Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad

Delicate sting operations and heroic rescues of child sex slaves require mind/body clarity.

EP012:  Using Exercise to Clear Your Mind with Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad

Drew and Tim Ballard met at their mutual workout club in Utah. When Drew found out what Tim did for a living, he and Heidi started contributing to Operation Underground Railroad. The organization rescues children who have been enslaved into the sex trade industry. They are involved in missions all over the world, including inside U.S. borders. Tim says his exercise program allows him to keep himself strong in mind and body. Be warned, there are parts of this episode that you might find disturbing due to the subject matter. Please turn that disturbance into a donation to Operation Underground Railroad.


Key Takeaways:

[1:43] Background information about Tim & Operation Underground Railroad 

[6:15] Tim worked for the CIA & Homeland Security but didn’t want to work in child crime

[8:32] The hardest part was seeing the kids who couldn’t be rescued because of their jurisdiction

[10:59] But sex slavery doesn’t happen in the United States, right? *sensitive content*

[14:07] The government doesn’t offer any rehabilitation, private organizations are needed to help

[17:36] Tim uses his faith and CrossFit to emotionally enjoy his time with his family after work

[19:38] CrossFit reached out to us and became our corporate sponsor

[24:30] Big celebrity names help us promote what we are doing

[27:24] Our goal is to show the kids who they really are and what potential they have

[29:20] Operations are varied and we are building technology tools

[35:05] Is there a danger in being a volunteer or a part of this organization?

[38:56] The more resources we get the more kids we can save

[40:41] Visit CrossFit box in Draper, Utah and see the Abolitionist movie to support the cause



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Operation Underground Railroad

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Saratoga Springs CrossFit

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KSL - Operation Underground Railroad story

CrossFit Draper








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